Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I seem to be suffering from some nasty bug, picked up - I believe, at a western restaurant on campus. That'll teach me not to stick to Chinese food. (No i's not bird flu....touch wood). Funnily enough there's not been anything in the media here about bird flu in China, though I would be extremely surprised if there weren't some cases. Though they would have us cancel our trips to Greece for holiday.

Happily, I am able to get Radio 4 here over the internet, which is a bonus. I'm just hoping that no one notices we can get it and decides to block off the website!

Another glorious space mission has been completed by the glorious PRC, with the safe return of their glorious astronauts (or Taikonauts as some are branding them [from the Chinese for space Tai Kong, or great emptiness]), with another manned flight planned in 2 years time. I do wonder about the amount of money going into this project that is not going to, say, improve health or education in greatly impoverished areas. The overall economy is apparently going to improve greatly after this though.

On other fronts, i've been told that there will be a cold air mass moving down into Beijing from XinJiang during this week, so things are set to be a lot cooler, with a predicted -3 at night in the offing.


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