Thursday, October 06, 2005

More walls

In a desperate bid to find something of old Beijing, we went, today, to the Ming dynsaty observatory, and the Ming Dynasty wall park in the SE of the old city. So walls galore were found and climed - albeit a sad remnant of the once massive city encompassing feature it once was. Still, it was interesting to get inside the corner tower - the building inside is deceptively large. There are photos and video to get the gist of it which i will put on my mac and send on to you.

Also, on a positive front, I have found Hawthorn berries on sticks again - huzzah! This is a real tasty treat taht i've never found outside of China. The sour haws are covered in sugar which isn't too great for my teeth, but quite the opposite for my pallette.

School starts again on Monday :(


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