Tuesday, October 04, 2005


This week as I might have mentioned is National Holiday week - so no school. We've been out and about treating ourselves to alittle (western) luxury. I had a 15 Yuan haircut which is not too bad at all, where Melissa managed to find a Tony & Guy's which cut her hair for 108 Yuan (About £8). We also found an expat supermarket near Ritan park which had a good supply of wine, at not too exorbitant prices.

Today we visited Walmart where I found a winter jacket for a very good price (159 yuan - better value than the markets) and also some accoutrements for daily life, such as a knife and some victuals. However, the best part was that there was a bus that dropped us back home for free laid on by the company itself!

So now all i need to survive the winter is a hat...


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