Wednesday, September 21, 2005

More news from the Jing

Guess what? We don't have internet still! So here I am again at Cafe Loca, enjoying a cup of Illy and blogging.

On sunday, i spent the day with Melissa cycling around a series of lakes in north cetral Beijing (Xi Hai, Hou hai and Qian Hai for those of you with maps!). We also visited the Bell Tower, from where i observed something that is now apparent everywhere i go...

It started at Song Ching Ling's former residence, which also happens to be the birhtplace of the last emperor of China, on the banks of Hou Hai (Back lake). Song Ching Ling and her husband Sun Yat-sen were, apparently, very fond of pigeons, and in their garden was a doo'cot stuff with mangy specimins kept in their memory. After that, and climing the bell tower which looks over the hutong roofs, the same theme kept recurring - ramshackle pigeon coops set up on spare square inches of roof! Suddenyl, Beijing is full of pigeon fanciers - everywhere i look, tucked in the most unexpected nooks and crannies next to air conditioners or strapped onto window ledges, there are there pigeons.

Maybe they are taking over...


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