Sunday, December 04, 2005

There is no doubt that it is now winter

No snow arrived as wer had been promised :( What did arrive was fierce NW winds and subzero temperatures - have a look at the forecast to see what I mean. The wind is bitingly cold and whips straight through your layers - so it's jsut like being back in Durham...

When will the snow arrive? I don't know, but there is ice on the ground all day now, so it is just a matter of clouds or the absence thereof.

The media was very quiet this week - it was difficult to get any articles for newspaper reading class it was so dull. The reason for this being, in my opinion, that some one was pulling a string marked "gag" and the big stories about the petrochem disasters and earthquakes all went silent.

Here's an apt(ish) Chinese poem on the season by Bai Juyi (from a long time ago...):
(EDIT: I mistranslated the first line...mind was elsewhere!)


I'm surprised the blanket and pillow are already so cold,
and see the door and window are bright.
It was late at night when I realised the snow was heavy,
occasionally hearing the sound of bamboos shaking off their snow.


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