Monday, January 02, 2006

Back to Beijing

After a very smooth and comfortable flight with China Southern, I'm back in Beijing. Going to HK was a fantastic experience, and really put China (i.e. Beijing) in perspective. There was such a buzz about the city, whereas in Beijng you're lucky enough to get a whimper! However, the the trip did remind me of some of the less savory aspects of Western culture that Beijing has chosen not to adopt! This was especially marked on New Year's Eve, with all the revelries: the drunkness and the rubbish left behind were both on a huge scale!

It also reminded me that people from my own country could behave like peasants too. When on a trip to Lantau island to see the big buddha we were stuck in the back of a bus on a very bumpy journey with a group of boistrous brits who got stuck into heavywieght discussion on George Best and how bumpy the bus was at the tops of their voices. Watching them trying to scoff their McDonalds (which they picked up from the pier) as the bus wove its way up mountian roads was quite humourous, as half of it ended up on the floor. Ah, back to the littering problem again....

All in all I thought that HK was a fantastic city, and that we had some great experiences there. I for one can't wait to go back.


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Nice shot of the skyline at night.

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