Thursday, December 22, 2005

Spills and Thrills

Another week, another chemical spillage. This time in the south, near Guang Dong, details in the Chinese media so far are 0, having heard about it over the internet on Radio 4. Also, the usual tricks for accessing foreign news sites don't seem to be work ing so well at the moment. Therefore, you are all probably more clued up on it than I am!

EDIT: Good news, I can access the BBC again, and heres a link.

Thrill-wise, we spent the day in the Forbidden City. Having wanted to photograph it in the snow, and waited patiently for the snow to fall, I finally decided that it wasn't going to happen and that we should go regardless. So, I've taken lots of video and photos of the old relic - which is undergoing restoration bit by bit. It's looking very nice indeed, but I hope they can pick up the pace to have it done by 2008 - repainting the largest palace in the world is no small effort. Anyway - please enjoy the rather garish new paint and some classic FC scenes below.


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