Sunday, January 15, 2006

And now today's weather

Yahoo weather says that the current weather in Beijing is 'smoke'. Pretty unique, no? Tomorrow we're told it'll snow, and perhaps the day after that too.

The night before last, the street lights all down Xinjiekouwai St (the road my uni's on) were out for some reason. This included the traffic lights, so you can imagine how much more fun than usual crossing the road was. However, as the weather (i.e. the pollution) was so bad, visibility was the worst I've seen it here! Walking down the road, it was hardly recognisable as the one i've been walking down every day for the past few months. Fortunately, at the crossroads by ring road No.2 the lighting was back on and the traffic much calmer and safer!

But what if the situation doesn't improve? Will the field events at the olympics have to be cancelled? Will javelins eneter the mist never to be seen again? Will the marathon runners get lost halfway through the course? The athletes themselves will have to suck through so much of the air that they're going to hurt (we do sometimes and we don't even run...)!


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