Monday, November 14, 2005

Small things that make China nice

It's amazing how a seemingly small an insignificant thing can make life here in this oppressive city much more bearable. One item or occurrance can make my day, and change my outlook quite dramatically!

*Chocolate Fish Waffles - fish shaped waffles, not too big, with a lump of molten chocolate hiding in the middle. 1 Yuan. :D

*Affordable ice-cream - Magnums for 3 Yuan, that's 20p, amongst other asssorted frozen treats.

*Haws on sticks - as mentioned before.

*Calligraphy classes that go well...

*A day with blue skies - see previous entries!

*Shop staff/taxi drivers who are nice and talk to you, and treat you like a real person and not a walking wallet.

*People who don't push into the lift/underground carriage when people are trying to get off.

*Being told there's no post for me without asking!

*Listening to radio 4 on the other side of the world.


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