Thursday, November 03, 2005

Exams in China

Firstly, thanks to those of you who have emailed me the non-spam comments on my blog: despite rumours to the contrary, the site is still firmly blocked from the connection we have here and i can't read any of them still. I'm amused to find that there are links to sexy lingerie pages hidden in spam posts....

Anyway, this week i've been quite quiet here because of exams! They are a farce. two of our teachers told us exactly what was going to be in them (remember to look at p 55 excercise 3 before you go in....), which renders the exams fairly pointless. Our oral exam was more a memory test than a test of our oral capability: "so what happened in chapter 3 then?", which is also pointless. Our listening exam I had few complaints with, except for that it was multiple choice (1 in 3 chance for each question) and the one section that wasn't could hve been memorised (yes you guessed it) from the text book. Only one more to go - but i know exactly what will be in it.

If this is a reflection on all Chinese exams (and those I've taken here before have been exactly the same), you do wonder about all the quallifications that people have here. Does this reassure you about the skills of the next Chinese doctor you're going to see?

Tonight we're off to Wudaokou to celebrate the end of exams en-masse with the rest of my class. Korean BBQ and Karaoke are on the cards. However, due to the slightly strange eating habits of my classmates we're having dinner at 5pm. Ah well, nothing for it but to have lunch at 11.


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hey pete,
i'm sorry you're having a difficult time accessing your blog site. i'm in beijing also, but i don't have any problems accessing mine blogspot account. you might want to try to use a proxy server, such as "" or frequent (another?) internet cafe.
good luck!

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